Armored glass for your business

Protect your business with smash, blast, bullet, bomb, and burglary resistant glass.

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Licensed Installer of TruArmor

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  • Are you worried about your unprotected business or school? 
  • Have you considered bullet proof glass but are concerned about the time and expense to your business?
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Armored glass for your business, Bank or School

Industry Leading Security Glass Laminate Provided by Law Enforcement Professionals

We live in a time when safety and security is top of mind.

Safe Haven Solutions is the only licensed and certified installer of TruArmor products. Owned an operated by Law Enforcement professionals, we exist to provide a Safe Haven for your employees and peace of mind for you.

Safe Haven Solutions utilizes TruArmor products,  an industry-leading nano-technology that converts your ordinary glass into a protective armored glass . 

  • Our product  is impact, burglar, fire, blast, hurricane and bullet resistant† and meets or exceeds industry testing standards for these threats.

TruArmor security glass laminates are so effective, they have become the most cost-effective option for adding real security to your business. 

3 Steps to protect your business

1. Schedule Security Evaluation

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Get a complete evaluation of the safety and security of your business

2. Get Your Business Security Plan

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Receive a custom armored glass and panel security plan

3. Installation and Peace of Mind

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Our licensed pros will install your TruArmor protection efficiently. No down time for your business. Peace of mind for you.

Protection for your Valuable Assets

Secure your Bank

Prevent burglary with armored glass

Protect your Business

Provide safety and security for your employees

Safeguard your School

Shield your students with an extra layer of security

Create A Safe haven for your business

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