Meet the Safe Haven Solutions team

Steve Johnson, Owner / CEO

An eye-opening security assessment 

With his background in law enforcement, structure and safety analysis and crime prevention; Steve provides Safe Haven Solutions clients with a complete business security analysis. Steve will review weak points in your security plan and give you solutions to add protection to your business immediately. As a former narcotics, gang and active shooter response officer, he created Safe Haven Solutions to provide protection for your product, revenue, employees and family and ultimately peace of mind for you. 

George Kottaras, Owner/COO

Timely and Convenient Service 

George is a certified Clear Armor LLC certified installer who believes in ensuring that each client has the most positive experience possible. George has worked in the MLB for 13 years and uses his experience in logistics and time management to provide an efficient and timely installation. Be assured that George will provide answers for you before, during and after your Safe Haven Solutions installation service. 

Ryan Trudeau, Director of Quality Assurance

The Highest Level of Satisfaction 

With Ryan, not even the smallest imperfection will slide. He believes in providing the finest installation imaginable. Providing more than 10 years of experience with the Clear Armor™ product used by Safe Haven Solutions, Ryan guarantees his crews match the highest standards of installation and protection results.